Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The voices in my head

It was a very long, very exhausting weekend. Gina was up in Northridge working her tail off and I was home again with the girls working off mine. Gina noted that every time she's MIA for a weekend I seem to fill up our schedule beyond capacity. On Friday night it was my mom's birthday, on Saturday morning the girls and I went to the beach with my niece and nephew, Saturday night was a party for Gina's cousin. Sunday we went to the Strawberry Festival and Sunday night we were back at my mom's for dinner with some family friends who hadn't seen the girls in quite some time. Monday was a party at my sisters in the morning and a party at Gina's BFF's house after nap. It all cultivated with Arianna stage diving off a cooler and face planting in to the concrete ground. She was OK but has the makings of a half human / half unicorn going on right now. I think I'll call her a hunicorn. Sounds prettier than uniman. Which sounds oddly alarming. Needless to say my sanity is greatly in question at the moment. In fact, Gina didn't have to leave for the festival until 9 on Monday morning so I thought I'd take a run and purge some of the craziness from my system. I did my normal 4 mile circuit around our stomping ground. Usually I take this time to reflect, be it on life or school or ambitions, whatever is eating at me. This time it was the "Silly Squirrel Dance" song from Sesame Street. Four miles. Four F#$@ Miles with that bloody song on a loop! Talk about a "marathon" experience. I couldn't think of any other song, any other subject then sucking my cheeks in, then puffing them out; raising my hands like I'm climbing a tree and doing the silly squirrel dance with the high soprano songstress from hell. I'm pretty sure I'm going crazy. ... maybe not certifiable yet, but I definitely have all the ingredients on the kitchen counter and the oven is preheating to 375.

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