Monday, May 23, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish. ...

There's something about twins, something that makes people behave differently. I'm sure it's even more extreme with triplets, quads and Octomom but all I can say for sure is it's not something that singletons or normal siblings get to experience. Yesterday we went to the carnival portion of the Greek Festival (didn't make it there on Saturday - in fact, we never made it past the food section). Now I'm not one for carni games; I find no reason to spend even a few dollars on a game that's rigged to lose, for a doll that's poorly made and will be forgotten about in 3 days. But, they had a goldfish toss and the girls are really in to fish lately - they do this cute lip popping noise every time they see a fish. ... sometimes even if they just see something in the general shape of a fish. ... like a sideways cone or something. Anyway, we had to play just so they could see them. We bought 12 balls for 2 bucks and I threw the first one to show them what they were supposed to do. Amazingly that first one went right in for a winner! Then the girls proceeded to throw, but nothing went more than about a foot. The guy running the booth was extremely sweet though. He kept adding more balls to their pile - I mean who could resist giving them a little extra - so they probably got about 20 throws in. When the dust settled and we were ready to leave with our fish, the guy even picked Arianna up, brought her in to the booth and let her pick out a second fish to take home as well. Gina graciously thanked him and his response "Well, they're twins. I can't let them leave with only one fish." Do you know how many times I played such games with my sisters growing up? Do you know how many times we would leave with only one prize amongst the three of us? No one ever says "they're siblings, I can't let them leave with just one!" Something about twins. Even though, truthfully, they are just sisters born on the same day, people see magic in the idea of multiples. Anyways, all this for an introduction to the girls first pets - Dorthy and Dorthy. If you're not an Elmo fan, this is the name of his goldfish. To save time, I'll just refer to them as "the Dorthys" going forward.


  1. Well I would have to agree with you - it is something about twins that gives them perks! However, it is the same thing on the vice versa when we go shopping - NEED 2 OF EVERYTHING......I was just telling my high school students the other week for prom week - man oh man am I in trouble when my twins get to be Juniors and need dresses, hair, nails, oh my!!!

  2. great! now I'm going to have nightmares about prom dresses for the next 14 years! Oh man. ... and the'll need shoes that match! I'm going to be broke. Good bye 401K. ... it's been nice.

  3. First of all, this is such a cute story! Second, it's so true!! We've had similar experiences at carnival games where the attendants would ask if the twins wanted the same color or different colors, but then not even offer something for their little brother.