Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fool me once, shame on you. ... Fool me twice. ... not. ... um. ..not gonna get fooled again?

There's something to be said about lessons learned. For my long time readers you may recall a post back in February 2010. Obviously, I failed to learn that lesson thoroughly enough. Last night after getting the girls fed we went in to the living room to play a little before bath time. Arianna started climbing on me (her latest thing is to use me as a ladder to get on to the couch) and one thing led to another and we started wrestling around. I was flipping her up over my head (I'm seated, back against the couch) and landing her in a seated position behind me on the sofa. She thinks this is hilarious and the more she laughs the more I embellish on the flips and spins. Well. ... it was bound to happen. Just as I'm lifting her up over my head in an airplane like move she's laughing, I'm laughing, and in slow mode I see the flood coming at the end of the tunnel. Remember that movie Daylight with Sylvester Stallone? Of course not, nobody does. Well it was kind of like that. You notice something in the back making it's way forward, but you pause, uncertain of what it is; like a deer in the headlights. Only when it's feet from you, only then, much to late to respond, does it hit you and you start to panic. ... that's vomit. ... and it's headed right for us! Of course as I was mid laugh my mouth was wide open, and because our gazes were locked in a shared moment of laughter, her mouth lined up perfectly with mine. I didn't mind the taste of the blueberries so much. It was the half digested milk that I'll never be able to get out of my mind. As I sat her back down 4 thoughts crossed my mind: 1) thank god it's not on the carpet, 2) thank god it's not on her cloths, 3) it's only a white undershirt I'm wearing - I can toss it, and 4) there is no amount of Scope in the world. In the slow motion walk to the kitchen sink I briefly contemplated getting a picture and posting it with this piece. ... but I think in this case the thousand words are much more appreciated then the 1 picture. ... you're imagination is not nearly as disgusting as the actual scene. And Gina's response when she came home later that night? "That's what you get." So she plays the "mom" role perfectly and is rewarded with hugs and kisses. I play the "dad" role perfectly and I get a reverse "baby eagle being fed" demonstration. How rewarding parenting can be. I guess I can see why you get a lot of dead beat dads. They're not bad people, they just don't appreciate the taste of used food.

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  1. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I can see it happening - too funny! I had the same type of thing happen to me, but on a trampeline after dinner. However, it was like a chain reaction as I was holding Kinsley and jumping, she began to vomit and Riley and Ady (my twins) began to gag after Kinsley got going - it was almost catastrophic, but reminds me of that "The Office" episode where Pam is pregnant and can't stand the smells in the workplace and pukes and makes everyone else start to puke - ha - too funny!