Monday, May 16, 2011

Do it again Daddy!

With Gina gone yesterday we jumped at the opportunity to go over to my mom's for breakfast in the morning (with out Gina to plan our lives we find our weekends pretty wide open and on the verge of boring). From there we tagged along on a local garden tour - sounds boring but with twins in tow it's always interesting - and then I took them back to her house to nap, hoping I could sneak in a decent run while they were out. I don't know what the deal was with them but they were not interested in napping at all. We started. ... check that, we attempted to nap at about 1:30. It wasn't until after 3:30 that they were both finally asleep. They crazy thing was they weren't screaming or unhappy; they were having a ball in there! The extra cribs are set up in my nieces room, she's 7, so there's just too much to get into with their long arms. The first time I went in there to settle them down Genevieve is standing in her crib with a purse slung over her shoulder, a bracelet on her wrist and a highlighter in hand. The next time they had moved everything from Arianna's crib into Genevieve's and somehow they'd gotten the CD player turned on and cranked up so the Tangled soundtrack was blasting away. The third time they'd gotten a hold of cardboard, no idea where from, and as I backed out of the room Genevieve pulled a pen from a hiding place and shamefully handed it to me with the guiltiest face you've ever seen. And this is how it went for quite some time. Gina's told me in the past that she sometimes has to stand right outside the door and pop in every time they stir to tell them to lie back down. I thought I'd give that a shot. I flung open the door and sternly said "Lie down! It's night-night time." They both slowly laid down with their wide eyes firmly fixed on me. The next time I didn't have to say anything. As the door flung open they both slowly laid down again. The third time it suddenly became a game. The door flung open and they both hit the deck. As I closed the door again I caught a giant grin spreading across Arianna's face and I knew I was in trouble. Now the game was "every time daddy opens the door pretend to be asleep". ... this game has no quarters, no periods, no innings. ... it just goes on and on and on. And apparently it got funnier every time we played. Talk about a backfire. Like I said, eventually everyone went to sleep. ... of course they were up again 45 minutes later. Made for an interesting evening.

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