Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lesson's Unknowingly Taught

I came home yesterday to an interesting scene.  Gina was nursing the baby on the couch, while Genevieve sat in the rocking chair holding a stuffed penguin across her chest.  I said "hi" and leaned in for a kiss to which she told me to "be quite, feeding baby gala from bobo (milk from boob)".  She then sat and "nursed" her baby for 20 minutes or so - pausing only briefly to burp her and try and put her down - which elicited stern demands of "be quite, close eyes, go sleep, no talking!"  Here's the best part: it wasn't until about 10 minutes in that I realized she had even gone as far to steal a breast pad and stick it under her shirt.  Kids are like sponges.  Just because you don't think you're teaching them something doesn't mean they're not learning it.  Simply by watching Gina feed Rosaline for the past two months, the girls have equated the concept of breast feeding with being a mother.  On a side note, I should mention that this weekend (we were at the cabin) I took Arianna to the public restroom in Arrowhead to go potty, where she also observed me using a urinal before we left.  Now she pretends to pee on everything standing up (so far it's just a pretend situation).  "Look Momma!  Me pee on ball!"  Stay classy Arianna.  So if things stay on course we appear to have raised a wonderful little mommy and a frat boy.

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