Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Turns Out We Don't Know Everything

Second time parents seem to think they've got all the answers.  Especially those of us with multiples the first time around.  We're awesome.  We've done it all.  There's nothing this second time around that we didn't learn from our mistakes on the first the time.  Right?  Well, turns out that may not be accurate.  This past weekend we stumbled upon something. ... sort of second hand.  We kind of had a wild weekend (as wild a weekend as parents of three under three can have).  Friday night the older girls had a sleep over with their cousins at my moms house and Rosaline stayed with my sister in law so Gina and I could go out to sushi for  a friends birthday.  Then Saturday (after a morning soccer game and an afternoon at the beach) the girls went down and we snuck out afterwards (the other sister in law in charge this time) to go karaoke with my mother and father in law (and one of my mother in law's gay friends who brought down the house with the most amazing performance of "Fancy" I've ever encountered. ... OK the only performance of "Fancy" I've ever encountered, but I really can't imagine anyone - including Reba - doing it better more entertaining).  Then Sunday, after a princess birthday party, we ran up to Hollywood to see Spam-a-lot at the Pantages (all the in-laws home and in charge for that night).  So what did we learn acting like childless heathens straight out of college?  Rosaline likes an early bed time.  Go figure!  With the girls they were going down around 8 at this age and it worked perfectly.  They were tired enough to sleep, not too tired where they couldn't and not too awake either.  It was their happy bed time.  We figured the same would be the case for Rosaline and that's what she's been doing.  By no means was it rough going down.  She would just struggle for an hour, maybe a little more, until she finally fell asleep.  If anything we thought maybe we should keep her up a little more.  But this weekend she was being put down much earlier, only a little after seven.  And, go figure, she's out like a light every time.  Here we are, thinking we're pro's at this, and turns out the kid likes to go to bed earlier.  Maybe I should rethink my stance on lima beans.  Perhaps the girls are right and they really DON'T taste good.

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  1. Funny! You're so right! We do think we've got it all figured out with that 3rd baby...and I think we have a LOT of things down pat, just not EVERYthing!