Monday, March 19, 2012

Monsters Inc.

I was called in for my first "official" monster investigation last night.  As you know we've been getting up a lot at night with Genevieve, but there's rarely been an actual reason given aside from the occasional potty run.  Most of the time she just stares at you blankly or cries.  But last night she got up and I intercepted her halfway between her room and ours.  I asked her what was wrong and she grabbed on tight and whispered "there's a monster in my room."  My heart melted, for two reasons.  1) I feel horrible for the nightmares and the shadows in the night that terrify a young mind, 2) I feel wonderful because her imagination is functioning beautifully.  You see, we don't talk about monsters.  In fact, the only time we've used the word monsters is during Sandra Boynton stories like "The Birthday Monsters" or the ones in "Horns Toes and in Between".  They've yet to watch a movie with monsters or even heard reference to monsters as scary things. .... as far as I know (they're picking up quite a bit from my sister-in-laws that I'm unaware of. ... going to have to watch this more closely. ... I'm talking to you Eleni. ... teaching her the word "butt head". ... tsk, tsk, tsk. ...thanks so much for that lesson).  So for this fear to materialize means that her little mind had to fabricate it; either in dream or in fantasy.  That's a really good thing as far as I'm concerned.  Now to reign it in so it isn't cause for alarm at 2:45am. ... because Daddy's not thrilled about that.  The second time she got up it was toned down.  It wasn't so much a scary monster as it was "someone is bugging me."  I guess it's good if the worst your monster does is annoy you.  I was more worried about being eaten, so she's got it good.  The third time I got up with her (mind you Gina had a couple of her own turns in between mine) it was a "miga". ... which is Greek for "fly" or bug.  I guess if your monster was a fly that might be pretty annoying. ... although I'd think you'd have the upper hand and could easily defeat your midnight nemesis here.  Far be it from me to judge.  I recall my childhood monster quite vividly.  A green hand that would reach over my pillow and grab my face. ... but only if my eyes where closed. ... so I'm not really sure how I knew it was green. ... or a hand. ... or even there.  And I never once actually had my face grabbed.  But I remember being terrified.  So I'm on call, ready for action.  Consider this your warning annoying fly monster!

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  1. Mine was a bumblebee with a thorax the size of a basketball. never stung me or anything, it was just going to fly RIGHT AT MY FACE.

    Kids are weird.