Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easy Reader

With the twins at the age they're at, it's easy to find blog material. ... in fact, I probably should just move to twitter because I could blog a new entry every 45 minutes.  Some times, on the days I don't blog, it's because I can't make up my mind which one to go with.  But, lost in that conundrum, is poor little Rosaline.  It's not that we don't love her just as much it's just. ... she's so easy.  I mean, easy is great for a parent, it's wonderful.   But it doesn't make a good blog. 
February 9th: Baby slept through the night. 
February 10th: Slept through the night, ate great.
February 11th: Such a happy baby, never complains.
February 12th: Shutting down blog.  Too boring for Internet.

If you're a long time reader you'll recall what the girls were like at this age. ... gave us quite a run for our money - and entertained the crap out of y'all.  But Rosaline is just drama free (at this point), so there's never much to write about.  But I thought I'd give you an example, none the less.  Just so I can gloat a little about how easy this "oop's" baby (I know I said I'd never call her that, but it works well in this sentence) turned out to be.

One of the hardest things about a new born is figuring out how to read them.  They can't talk or understand you, so it's kind of a guessing game between the two.  The parent has to figure out the intricacies of the baby in order to satisfy the current problem.  The girls took us a while to get.  We finally determined things like Arianna's constipation and Genevieve's over tired problems.  We found out Arianna needs to be in charge (even when she was little and taking a breast or bottle) and Genevieve needed intimacy between her and the parent.  But these were cues we learned over the first year.  With in the first three months we've cracked Rosaline's Rosetta Stone.  While the girls were Moby Dick, she's more like reading a Cat in the Hat book.  Here's the example: tired.  You'll be talking to her, or singing or just watching her and she'll instantly go from happy and wide eyed to pouty lipped and puffy eyed.  Response?  Feed, swaddle, lay down.  Result - out in 3 minutes.  It's amazing.  I'm astounded!  It's so quick and obvious and drama free.  As soon as those eyes puff up, it's bed time.  If she's fussy with out the eye's, she's hungry.  If she's crying with out the eyes it's a burp.  Everything else is just happy go lucky.  We were terrified when we found out she was coming, but we quickly learned what a blessing she was with our whole early pregnancy ordeal.  Now that she's here. ... it's like she's the easiest part of my day. 

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