Thursday, March 15, 2012

Farewelll 20's

It happened.  There wasn't much I could do to avoid it. ... I was destined for this day.  Julius Cesar was warned to "beware the ides of March" (as was George Clooney I believe).  Lucky for him he only had to heed the warning once.  When it's your birthday you get it every year.  Ides of March = March 15 for those of you unfamiliar with the phrase. ... it's when Cesar was stabbed by all his buddies.  Kind of a bad day.  It's also the day that I was born. ... exactly 30 years ago.  So it's kind of a bad day for me too.  I'm sure at 40 I'll look back and realize how awesome it was to turn 30 but, today, I'm a little blasé about it.  You see the best things in my life came during my 20's.  My children, my wife, my education.  What could 30 possibly bring me that's better than those things.  Maybe a pet monkey and a jet pack. ... other than that I don't know how it can compete.  But I thought rather then dwell on the inevitability of aging (and the hair loss that comes with it), I'm going to reflect on the positives. ... nay, the awesome-ives (made that up).  Look how much I've done in 30 years.  Seriously, take a look.  I've done more in 30 years than many have done in a life time.  If I can do that much with the first 30 years, imagine what I can do with another 30.  So let's reflect:
3 kids; wonderful marriage; college education; law school; successful job; run a marathon; competed in a triathlon; backpacked Europe; bought a home; driven across the US; scuba dived (dove?  doven?  diven?  clueless on the past tense here); mastered snowboarding; raced a sailboat; raced a race car; seen Alaska; spent a week at Space Camp at NASA; wrote/directed/starred in my own musical; performed Shakespeare for inner city youth; counseled 10 boys for 7 weeks at summer camp; been a lifeguard; senior class president; learned from wiser men them myself; lost. ... deep; loved hard; won money in Vegas; lost more money in Vegas; taught myself guitar; wrote and recorded an entire album; performed in front of strangers; set a golf course record (worst score ever). ... seriously; stood up for the right thing; had my ass kicked for the right thing; cruised the Mediterranean; swam with a shark (knowingly); been alone in Central Park; stood atop the Eiffle Tower; sat on the Acropolis; traversed Loch Ness; purchased goats for kids in Africa; walked for a cause that had no personal connection to me; listened to those who just needed to talk; given a shit when it wasn't required; written a book; herded cattle; chased off a bear; hunted for dinner; nursed an injured hummingbird (for weeks); been amazed; been horrified; been speechless; played Batman on film; held my breath; discovered who my friends were and made peace with those that weren't; found faith; lost faith; gained strength in myself; hoped; prayed; and learned to accept.

I've led a wonderful life.  And it may be a third of the way through. ... but give me double what I've been given so far and just imagine what I can do with that.  So rather than mourn, I'm feeling excited about what this means.  Let's close that amazing chapter and move on with an even better one.  Starting tonight. ... with my first tattoo.

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