Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Drop It Like It's Hot

I love the finger pointing that ensues after a kid does something undesirable.  I'm talking with Gina yesterday and she says "Did you teach Genevieve to hang from the back of your pants?!"  This isn't really a question as much as it is an accusation.  I assure I did not, but that she has been doing it to me lately; grabbing on to the waist of my jeans and then dragging behind me like a water skier.  I'm a dad so, of course I don't stop the behavior.  I consider it part of my duties of rough housing - although I don't encourage it, I certainly don't dissuade it either.  She's skeptical, of course.  But I press her as to why.  Turns out they're all at the park yesterday (their little friend Zoe along for the ride as well) and Genevieve grabs to Gina's pants for a tow.  A couple things here: Daddy wears a belt, Daddy's pants fit a little differently them Momma's, and Daddy knows how to keep his pants up despite gravity (somehow I made it through my teens in the 90's with out exposing my underwear).  Also add the Genevieve's a little oafy.  So she trips and as she does she fails to let go of Gina's pants.  So there's my wife, middle of the park, with a toddler and her pants (underwear included, because the tight jeans dragged those with them) piled around her ankles.  Kids always manage to expose things we never wanted the world around us to see. ... like our asses.

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  1. I'm so sorry, but I laughing so hard right now. kids pants me in public too. :)