Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Someone To Look Up To

I've posted a lot about the effect that Rosaline has had on the girls, how they've responded to their roles as big sisters and how it's changed their little world.  But with Rosaline still in the blob stage of infancy there wasn't much I could write about the effect the girls have had on her.  Now that we're coming up on 3 months she's been getting so much more active.  She's constantly smiling (one of the happiest babies I've ever seen) and she gets real excited about things - like when I come home and hover over her on her play mat. ... legs start kicking and she coo's like a Central Park pigeon through the toothless grin.  But my favorite thing, what melts my heart like butter, is when she watches her big sisters.  She adores them.  They fascinate her beyond comprehension.  Whether they're looking down at her and interacting intentionally or just playing in the nearby vicinity, her eyes are wide and fixated on them.  She gets really excited when they come with in range of her and if they dane to talk to her she "talks" back with ferocity.  The other day Genevieve asked what she was doing and Gina told her she was talking to her.  "What's she saying Mama?" was the response. "Nothing yet, she's still learning.  The more you talk to her the more she'll learn how to talk back to you."  Challenge gladly accepted.  I know we're still in the honeymoon stage.  I know when they're 7 and she's 5, the second graders won't want that baby kindergartner following them around school.  I know when she's 16 and they have share the car with her it's going to be the end of their world.  And I know when she's not allowed in their make-up or to go in their room that life as we know it will come crashing down.  But under it all I'll remember these moments.  These moments where the truth was not cleverly disguised by the need to be cool.  These moments where they looked down on her with love and she looked back up with admiration.  And that relationship will always be there.  Forever.  Even if it's incognito.

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