Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Roar in the Night

You ever have those tense moments when you're searching for your child's favorite - fill in the blank - and the more you search the more you can't focus on actually looking for it?  Try that in the dark.  It was about 2:30 when I got the call; "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!"  I stumbled out of bed, noting how exceptionally groggy I was (more so than a normal 2am call).  I made my way to their room and Arianna sobbed "I can't find Roar (stuffed tiger)."  I laid her back down and told her I'd find it for her.  After all, it's a single bed. ... how hard could this be?  Well. ... groggy, dark and panicky don't mix.  Also, that kid has like a dozen stuffed/doll type things in that bed with her.  How could she possibly have noticed that one was missing?!  I tore apart that bed - quietly of course because Genevieve was sleeping and I was pretty sure that Arianna had passed back out as well, but I couldn't abort the mission just in case.  I got down on the floor and looked under the bed.  I slowly opened the night stand drawer, thinking maybe she had done something in her sleep.  I pulled back all the covers and even swept my arm under her pillows - on which she was definitely now asleep again.  Finally, I just tucked her back in and crossed my fingers that the issue wouldn't raise up again.  As I bent in to kiss her cheek, my eyes now adjusted to the darkness of the room, I saw it: a little fluffy tail protruding from her arm.  In her fetal position slumber she had him securely wrapped up in a death grip.  My work here is done.  Now back to bed.

*Can I just go on a tangent real quick?  I really like this TV show Up All Night. ... think it's wonderfully hilarious.  But those two are rarely shown up all night.  And more importantly, where's the kid?!  In 30 minutes of show I see the kid for 2 minutes, and half that's in still shots during the opening credits.  I think we're painting a pretty deceiving picture for future parents here. I'm just saying.  If you're going to call the show "Up All Night" maybe they should just read my blog and recreate some of our scenes. ... in which we are literally up all night, rather then show a supposedly exhausted couple having drinks with friends with out any difficulty in finding someone to watch their 18 month old and then waking rested enough the next morning to go to work/play video games and never once doing so with old puke on their shoulder, just out of their line of sight to know of it's existence.  Just a thought.  Call me, I'd be happy to consult on your show.  Just make sure you've got coffee when I get there.

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