Thursday, March 8, 2012

Daddy, That Sound?

You remember being a kid, right?  At bedtime you would do everything you could to avoid actually going to sleep (god how things have changed in adulthood. ... what I wouldn't do to go to bed).  You'd squeeze out every drop of moisture on the toilet.  You'd ask for some water; because after squeezing out every drop, naturally you were dying of dehydration now.  You'd need your closet checked for monsters and you'd need medical attention for that tummy ache and the cough you attempted to dislodge a lung with.  And then there was the scary sound syndrome.  Every noise (and even the deafening silence) needed to be investigated.  This is Arianna's favorite.  "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" "Yes?" "That sound?"  We've been playing this game a lot lately, and she's caught on that I'm kind of a softy for this.  I don't buy the "I'm thirsty" or "I have to potty" shtick.  I watched you down a gallon of milk at dinner and I've watched you pee 5 times in the two hours since - including a stint 5 minutes ago.  I know you're in the clear right now.  But the scary noises and the monsters under the bed. ... I feel bad because that can (not that it is, but it could be) a genuine fear.  And that's what dad's are there for, to chase away the scary things.  Last night got to be a little ridiculous though.  Things started off great (well a little bumpy in that Rosaline has become a nipple snob and wouldn't take the bottle, so I just put her down); the baby passed out instantly at 7:15.  Go Diego Go rescued lemur or something like that and the baby bird found his Momma during story time.  Everyone tucked in cozy (and medicated up, because once we clear a cold in this house we find a new one 2 days later) and lights were out with almost no tears.  I sat down on the couch and pulled out my iPad to go over some notes. ... and it started.  "Daddy." .... "Daddy!" .... "Daddy, Daddy, DAAAAADDDYYYYY!!!!" "What is it, honey?" "That sound?"  "I don't know honey, it was just the wind blowing outside."  Close the door and back to the couch.  "Daddy!" .... "DAAAADDDDYYYYY!" "What Arianna?" "That sound?" "That was just Karma shaking and her collar jingling, close your eyes and go ni-nite."  At this point Genevieve is pretending to be frustrated "Sissy keep waking me up," with a "harrumph" for emphasis.  Needless to say this went on and on another 6 or 7 times.  I finally just told her every noise she heard was her Nouna (Aunt) Alkisti. ... which wasn't fair to Alkisti but she was the only other person home.  "That's Nouna going up stairs." "That's Nouna taking a shower."  "That's Nouna making a sandwich".  My favorite was when she responded "No Nouna make sandwich, Nouna go ni-nite."  Like she should talk!  This continued until Gina came home from class. ... at which point she went in once and the issue was resolved immediately.  That's one thing you gotta give mom's credit for: they don't buy in to the BS excuses.  That sound?  That's the sound of a softy.  AKA Dad.

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  1. What a great Daddy that you want to protect them! I'm sure you make them feel safe! My girls do this too... Madi mostly! She will cry and cry for us to take her potty or get her a drink! I usually don't give in, so the other night she starting yelling, "I want my Mi-Mi (Grammy)!". I guess she knows who is the biggest push over in our family! Thankfully my mother wasn't at our house when she started calling for her or she would have went up and rescued the poor little dear... Gah!