Monday, February 27, 2012

Putting Down "P's"

It seems that at this stage in life it's back to back "big steps".  Potty training, big girl beds, getting self dressed - and now we've arrived at the danger zone: getting rid of those pacifiers.  I remember it clearly; we brought the girls home from the hospital and we had a plan.  We weren't going to have binky junkies on our hands.  The girls would learn to self sooth with out the aid of addictive faux nipples.  HA!  I think that lasted all of 20 minutes on the first night.  We're so resiliant.  Since then we've not quite been the junkies afeared, but there certainly wasn't a bed time with out them.  In fact, when night time came around the girls would light up at the prospect of binky time (P's as they called them - short for papilla's; Greek).  But it's come time to part ways.  Nearing the 2 and a half mark it signals an end to an era.  And this weekend was good encouragment.  We took the girls to the cabin for some snow (of course it ended up being a 75 degree February weekend in Big Bear) and they napped twice with out the aid of a pacifier.  There was also one other incident where Genevieve fell out of bed trying to reach for a P that had fallen.  It was a good indicator that the moment had arrived.  So we talked about it before bed time; we told them that P's were now for Rosaline only; that they were big girls and they didn't need them anymore.  No complaints.  Bed time was a little on the rough side, but there wasn't one single request for a P (just a lot of requests to go pee) and they both fell asleep (and stayed asleep) with out them.  As I was dressing this morning for work, Genevieve trotted in to go the bathroom.  I helped her out and took her back to bed after.  As I laid her down Arianna sat up and whispered gently "P daddy?"  I couldn't resist.  They made it to 5am.  Gina could use the extra sleep and I figured it's a weening process.  Afterall, going cold turkey is hard.  The least I can do is give them a little taste of the sugar on it's way out the door.  That, and I'm just a huge sucker when it comes to my girls.

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  1. We ended up having to cut the tip off of them to get Bronwyn off of them.