Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ni-ni Time for Daddy

I won't lie, we had some pretty rough bed times the past few nights.  Everything culminated on Monday night and I got pretty agitated with the girls (I think they got up a total of 7 times a piece in about a 25 minute span).  But I paid for it when I got home last night.  It was my turn to go to bed, apparently.  Arianna drags me in to her room because she "has something to show" me.  She then tells me sternly "lie down, close eyes, go ni-ni".  I comply, and she then tucks me in.  "Me read you baby Ariel book?" She ask.  I sit up and say "OK" to which she responds "no get up, lie down, ni-ni time Daddy!"  She re-tucks me in and starts to read. ... the book is naturally upside down.  Then Genevieve comes in and gets perfectly giddy at the situation.  "Ni-ni time, Daddy" she squeels "Close yes, no talk!"  I was then held hostage for the next 25 minutes in a toddler size bed, my entire head and bodies covered by blankets (and at one point the toddlers themselves) while the girls "read" me the princess books of the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty.  I guess this makes us even.

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