Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love: [luhv] noun, verb: A Proufoundly Tender, Passionate Affection for Another Person

Fellow bloggers, do you ever do that thing were you write an entry and then an hour later remember that you'd already planned a different entry and you need to now have two posts with in an hour of each other?  Yeah, I forgot it was Valentines Day and then my coffee kicked in and I looked at a calender.  So, blog number 2 for the day: Love.  It's interesting that I kind of hate the word "love".  Not like it did anything to me which is deserving of the animosity; I wasn't beat up by the world love at 13 and I've never had my heart broken after using the word carelessly.  But I do feel it's an improperly and over used word that deserves more respect and caution.  For example, I don't love my iPhone.  .... ok. ... maybe I kind of do - but I don't love my car.  I like it a lot.  And I don't love my shoes. ... although I've worn them to oblivion and have no intent to relinquish them for a replacement anytime soon.  I don't love running. ... but I do it a lot.  I don't love my job, but I go - and I don't love the money it gives me, though I do need it.  I don't love movies, but they bring me joy.  I don't love vacation, but it's something to look forward to.  The realization didn't dawn on me for quite some time, so I can't fault those who still can't comprehend the true meaning of the word.  You see, I first understood love when I met Gina.  And, no, it wasn't a romantic comedy type love at first sight followed by shenanigans; my love for her grew from a strong like. ... which grew from a physical attraction. ... which grew from an awkward "eye's meet" moment in an otherwise boring Anthropology class.  But once I realized that I loved her. ... I realized how powerful and different that was.  I loved my family already, but that's a built in love.  You love them because of their relation. ... not necessarily because of who they are.  Gina I loved because of who she was; it was something I had to open myself up to and allow. ... it wasn't stemming from my DNA.  That, I thought, was the pinnacle of love.  It couldn't get any more powerful than loving someone by choice as result of their perfect compatibility with you. ... and then October 20th, 2009 struck.  I thought I'd love my daughters just as much as my wife.  I thought I had the utmost capacity to love while they were tucked warmly inside her belly.  And then I saw them.  Arianna first, then Genevieve a few minutes later. ... Rosaline a few years after that. ... four letters is not enough.  That's when I realized how truly special that word was.  It was bad enough to share it with Gina and my favorite sushi restaurant. ... but my kids took the word to an entirely different level.  So, while I may still toss the word out there as a habit, the truth is there is nothing that I really love - honestly, yearningly, painfully love - like my 4 women.  Sorry iPhone. ... we can still be friends though.  iPhone?  iPhone?  Call me.

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  1. What a beautiful post! This reminds me of how much I love my hubby and my little two-year-old. It's funny how a toddler can throw the meanest tantrum, fuss and whine all day but one little smile from them makes it all forgiven. I don't think my iPhone can do that!