Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Great minds think.

Scientist are constantly pursuing a glimpse of the universe's creation; desperate to find some meaning in the "beginnings" of all that is. I wonder if they've spent so much time in their labs that they failed to see the recreation of such an event taking place in their own homes (this, of course, is operating under the assumption that they weren't such incredible dorks that they failed to find a partner and reproduce). Watching my children grow, they're minds working on complex thoughts. ... it's . ... magical. Last night I snuck up behind Arianna as she played with her ring/stack game. I hoped up on the bed and lay down, just staring at her. She had the rings completely out of order and, for a second, I thought about hoping down and helping her sort it out. But something said to leave her alone, and I'm glad I did. They weren't out of order, not for her. She was not looking at the puzzle the same way I was, she was looking at it as project, a piece of art, something with no wrong or right answer. She was creating a pattern all to her own design. When she felt a piece was out of place, she moved it accordingly. Sometimes she changed her mind and put it back where it was before. But her little wheels were turning, her imagination was spitting out images, she was creating. Some 19 months ago she was a screaming little blob. Now she's a little artist; a little scientist; a little wonder that I could watch for hours on end, stacking blocks or sorting rings. Imagine where we'll go 19 months from here; my how the world will change in that time.


  1. I love reading posts like this and your positivity and wonderment about being a dad. It's like looking into the future for me. You're a great example for all twin dads.

  2. Thanks Brandon - funny thing is that your blog has the same effect on me; except it's like looking at the past, remembering where we've come from.