Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feed Me!!!

Got home from work yesterday and everyone was hanging out in the living room, so I changed and came back to join them. I grabbed a bag of tortilla chips on the way since I was a little hungry and we hadn't sorted out our dinner plans yet. I sat down next to Gina and the girls instantly became intrigued with the bag. They saw me pull out a chip and eat it so they thought they'd do the same. They must have been amazed at how daddy can eat a whole chip in one bite because they quickly lost interest in eating the chips themselves and focused on putting them in my mouth instead. They tried Gina but she told them she wasn't hungry, to go feed Daddy instead. And feed they did. At one point I was trying to tell Gina something and I couldn't get a word out because every time my mouth opened another chip was stuffed in. Then they started double fisting it. A flurry of four arms stuffing chips down my throat. I felt like they trying to fatten me up for something. I came to the conclusion that this is their Greek side coming out. After all, everyone knows that a Greek woman can't help but force a man to eat even when he's beyond full. "You only eat two steaks for dinner. You look skinny. ... I make you a nice lamb."


  1. love, love, love reading your stories! i don't always get around to comment, but they make me smile and my husband and i talk about almost every post you write! thank you for sharing!

  2. thanks Erin! You just made my day!

  3. Very cute! My daughter started to do this, but she also tries to feed our 3 month old. I couldn't imagine having 4 little hands trying to cram stuff in my mouth!

    I just wanted to let you know I've given you the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out here: