Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kiss of Death

We are driving in the car yesterday, girls in the back enjoying a snack, and I hear a strange combination of noises: Kiss crunch. ... kiss crunch. ... kiss crunch. I turn around in my seat to figure out what's going on just in time to see Genevieve pull a Teddy Graham (little cracker shaped like a bear) out of her snack cup, kiss it on the face and then promptly bite it's head off. ... kind of horrifying if you stop and think about it. It's the kiss of death; much like the praying mantis or Judas. And she thinks it's hilarious which only adds to the macabre moment. Needless to say, I'm going to be much more cautious when I go to kiss her good night from now on. ... don't want to lose my head or anything.


  1. Oh dear. And I thought boys were typically the violent ones. It should help fend off boys though, one would think. Keep your head to :)

  2. I can see it, I can definitely see it! I think the laughing is what got me smiling as well. The interesting part is how one twin gets the other one going as well. At least with mine, if Ady does something first or Riley does something first, it always gets the other one going. My concerns get to be when they are in middle and high school! Man am I in trouble!