Monday, May 9, 2011

Remove foot, then drink coffee

Worn out from the Mother's Day festivities of yesterday I slept through my alarm this morning and dashed out the door with "the Flight of the Bumblebee" playing in my head. I was dragging major time so I swung by the Starbucks to get some life juice. As I'm pulling in to the Drive-Thru this woman in a white Mercedes comes flying around the opposite side of the building and tears in front of me (I'm already mid turn, about 1/4 of the way in to the lane) and cuts me off. I'm not a confrontational person normally. ... and today I was too tired to even consider making an exception. So I bit my tongue and muttered as I started checking off reasons she was a five letter word that rhymes with "itch". New Mercedes, check. Vanity plate, check. "Diamond" encrusted license plate frame, check. Over sized chic sunglasses, check. Velor jogging suit, check. The list went on and on. She gets her stuff and peels out of the drive thru, cutting back in to traffic with out even stopping. ... figures. I get to the window with my credit card already outstretched and the barista informs me "the lady before you said 'thanks' for letting her go first and she bought your stuff for you.". ... um. ... what? It's going to be hard to drink my coffee with my foot so firmly jammed in to my mouth. Here I am constantly advocating NOT judging "books" by their cover and what do I do, I toss For Whom The Bells Toll in a shred pile because it's got a crappy drawing of mountains on the cover. I'm now trying to come up with a 7 letter word that rhymes with "gas-pole" to accurately describe myself. Let me know if you have any suggestions. For now I'm just enjoying my coffee, which has a slight hind of shoe lace.


  1. Ha - that is hilarious! I teach high school social studies and make many references about generalizations, stereotypes, judgements, made an excellent observation about your judgement though! Learn and move forward right? Even though she did cut you off and made you feel bad by buying you a coffee..... :)

  2. I found your blog from Top Baby Blogs (we're on the same page) and now I'm hooked! Your girls (all three of them) are beautiful!