Thursday, March 31, 2011

And in this corner. ...

I'm not a fan of wrestling. Not "pro" wrestling at least. As a classically trained actor (god I sound like a moron when I say that out loud) and a former high school wrestler I have no respect for a forum that diminishes both of those avenues. But last night, I swear to you, I was in the middle of a Royal Rumble Smack Down-a-thon. Gina came home with the girls and had just enough time to warn me that they were in "some kind of a mood today" before she turned right around and left for her classes. She wasn't kidding. As soon as the door closed Arianna started screaming at the top of her lungs and sobbing at the window. What is this? Since when do we "sob" when mom leaves?! I know you like her better but this was a new (and disheartening) way of showing it. I finally got her to stop about 5 minutes later - 5 good solid minutes of screaming, though. After that she transformed in to the whirling dervish of pain. She latched on to her sister, throwing a mean headlock and pulling some hair. I had to separate them but Genevieve laughed the whole thing off and that only encouraged Arianna to continue. After this she ran around the house pulling things down, throwing things around. ... she was a mini tornado. Dinner went alright, minus a few flying forks and bath time. ... well. ... nobody drowned, so that's a good thing. After that it got really crazy. While trying to get jammies on, the two rabid monkeys latched on to each other with me oddly pinned in the middle. I went to the floor and they come down on top of me and for a good 2 or 3 minutes I was actually the mat in the wrestling match. Try doing a sit up with two 30 pound toddlers wriggling around on top of you; teeth flying and fingers pinching and someone sitting on your face. It was tough. On a positive note (in a addition to the no one drowning plus mark) they seemed to exhaust themselves quite thoroughly during the main event and after reading our bed time stories they both crashed hard. I didn't get a single cry at lights out. ... just a short, muttered conversation between Genevieve and the wall that lasted all of 5 minutes. Probably going over match notes and preparing a strategy for tomorrow.


  1. Not Dad!!! If I had to call it I'd say Arianna was scoring more points, but the way Genevieve was laughing I have a feeling she could have turned it in her favor at any moment. She is sporting about a 3 inch height advantage these days.

  2. My girls do this too. It's a daily ritual which I call, "The Smackdown". Sometimes it is fun, sometimes it turns really ugly. Lots of hair is lost because yanking out hair seems to be "the move" lately. I guess when they are bald they'll learn the clothesline or power driver. (So don't know if that is accurate terminology - trying to remember from when I was little and my brother used these moves on me).