Friday, March 11, 2011

Chalk it up to experience

The girls got their first art lesson yesterday, playing with chalk on Yiayia's front side walk. Daddy got his first "parent of an art student" lesson yesterday too. When you come to pick them up after work either:
1) have them cleaned before they maul you, or

2) change out of work clothes before exciting the vehicle

Lesson learned. Fortunately I just wore nice jeans today and not something more delicate. Suit pants don't hold up as well to blue, yellow and pink chalk as a pair of Express jeans might.

On a side note, thoughts and prayers with the folks in Japan today. Living in Southern California this kind of thing is on the back of our mind all the time, and I can't imagine having the nightmare actually become a reality.


  1. 2nd lesson - when you decide it is time for your twins to use crayons, finger paints, markers "made" for kids 2+, water colors, stamps & ink pads...make sure it's washable first. By make sure, I mean test it out yourself, on your skin, because when the littles decide to "color themselves pretty" you want to make sure it comes off. Learned that the hard way. Every time we used a new medium. No, I am not a fast learner :)

  2. Oh, fun and clean art tip for the kids - give them construction paper and a little bit of water in a cup (instead of coloring utensils). They get the satisfaction of painting (with fingers or brushes) and you have the satisfaction of no mess. That was one of my better aha! moments