Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lord of the Dance

I'm a twinkle toes. I've always been. I get in to a groove and I can't help myself. We went to a wedding earlier this year and I heard, through the grapevine, that the mother of the bride thought I was drunk at first. It was only because I was still standing (and dancing) at the end of the night she realized I was sober. I blame it on my mother. She taught me the basics of swing when I was a kid and I just built on that. I taught my wife and together we've been known to light a dance floor or two on fire. Not literally, of course, that would be arson. So naturally our daughters have the dance bug coming from both angles and spend a lot of their time getting down. Genevieve was dancing when she was still in utero, Arianna has taken a little longer to find her coordination, but now the moment something reminiscent of music fills the air the two of them can't control the boogie vibes surging through their bodies. Naturally Gina and I join in, so if you were standing outside of our window you might think we were having a group seizure in our kitchen. So dancing is great, but here's the problem. When the girls take their bath I always pull up Pandora on the iPad (I swear I'm not sponsered by Apple) so there's some music playing in the bathroom. Side note, it's ironic that the kids' station always seems to play songs with Ernie serenading the rubber duckie in the bath during this time. ... seriously, there are like 12 different rubber duckie bathtub songs. We get it Ernie. You love the duck. Moving on. Now the girls hang out in the tub playing for a good 20 minutes or so. Usually during this time Gina is scarfing down a meal because she's got to go teach or she's already left to do so. So I'm usually drawn to the bathroom like a moth to the flame because there's music playing and I can hear the girls playing; what better place to be. The problem is that once I'm in there it seems I subconsciously start to dance a little. I shake, shake, shake my crazies out, or I reinact monkeys jumping on beds. I even have a baby beluga dance. Now Arianna sees this and she wants to dance too. She can't seem to do this sitting down so that leads to her standing up in the tub (problem) and getting her to sit down again is difficult. It's only recently that Gina pointed out that I was the reason she keeps standing up. My dancing inspires her to dance and how can you ask a dancer to remain seated. It's like asking a penguin not to fly. .. um. ... swim. So it's seems that I'm on probation now. If I can't contain my dancing during bath time I may be permanently banned from the bathroom. ... the lone penguin sitting on the shore, watching the others fly away. .. um. ... swim away.

Side note, you're going to want to check in tomorrow. I'm doing something completely out of my "box" this evening and the picture alone will be worth the price of admission. ... which is free.

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  1. We have a serious dancing gene in our family too. I don't allow music in the bathroom because I have a hard enough time getting my girls to stay sitting as it is. Oh, and this week, they discovered "Slip and Slide" in the tub. Somehow I made it to 2.75 years before they figured that one out. Their older sister was doing it at 1.5
    Too funny!