Monday, March 21, 2011

Girls and Sports Cars

If you're an avid follower you might remember one of my favorite pictures of the girls from almost a year ago, posing in their bathing suits on Gina's step-dads '69 Corvette.

Well, yesterday, waiting for the rain to subside so we could make a run to our car, I got an updated shot on the '99 that was parked in the garage.

Don't ask how many he has (touchy subject) just accept the fact that he has 2 more Corvettes than any one man truly needs. ... and he's down from having 3 more Corvettes than any one man could need. I, on the other hand, am still -1 1957 Porsche 356A and not any closer to satisfying my quota. ... I have this die cast model that my aunt got me when I was younger that was to hold me over until I could get "my" car. In the past year and a half it's been dropped, crashed, thrown, chewed on and pulled apart. It's missing a bumper, has 4 loose wheels and a "removable" non-removable driver seat. I didn't really mind it since it was done by the people I love most in the world. But last weekend, for my birthday, she bought me a replacement. My 3 year old nephew promptly asked to play with it and after saying "no" a dozen times in 15 seconds I finally caved because. ... well. ... I'm a sucker. All of 3 seconds after I hand it to him he attempts the first recorded flight of a Porsche Speedster. ... didn't go so well. So that model is now in my office, high on a shelf, resting comfortably on a broken wheel and a dinged headlight. This is why I can't get my real dream car. Cause I can only imagine the horror that would be inflicted on a full size version of the car. I think I'll wait until after they turn 16. ... have their own cars to drive. ... move out. ... but then there are grand kids. .... maybe I'll just stick to models.

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