Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I wear my sunglasses at. ... crap!

Add this to the list of why we can't have nice things. Like my daughters I've got the blue eye. ... well, I guess I should say they're more like me since I had them first. Copy cats. Anyway, as a result I've got a high sensitivity to sunlight. Living in California, therefore, requires me to wear sunglasses pretty much all the time. For the last few years I was rocking the semi-mirrored aviators until my father-in-law brought me a pair of throw back RayBan's about a year ago. He picked them up in El Salvador (he's a pilot, not a spy or drug mule - that's important to note as I begin to mention his frequent trips to Central America) and whether they're knock offs of "minorly faulty originals they can only sell outside of the US" is up for debate. Either way they looked cool. In fact, they looked so cool that I worked them into my logo design above. A few months later the look started to become popular. So much so that I noticed Nostrum's had a whole display case of the throw back RayBan's in their men's section. Now I'm not claiming to have started the trend, but I'll more than happily accept responsibility. Anyway. About this time my delicate little flower Genevieve snatched my pair directly off my face and snapped then in half. I swear, sometimes that child exudes a professional wrestler or something. The next time my father-in-law stopped in LA he was kind of enough to bring replacements. ... lots of replacements. He gave me two new pairs in the tortoise shell print, two new black pairs and one other pair of more trendy "Matrix" style glasses that I wasn't real keen on but kept around for the "what if" situations. Well the first pair (tortoise) were lost with in 4 days - left at a restaurant in the confusion of trying to get cranky twins out of their chairs while packing up dinner so I could rush to a Saturday night work emergency. The second pair (black) were again snapped by Genevieve. The third pair (black) lasted until Tony's funeral last month when they mysteriously wound up also snapped and a lens missing. .... Genevieve? The final tortoise pair, which were the main ones I rocked, held up pretty well, but finally gave out about two weeks ago from the stress of going on and off and being tugged at by grabby hands near my face. No complaints on those ones. But suddenly I am with out, and squinting like Mr. Magoo in the spring sunshine. So I pulled out the Matrix pair as a last resort. First day wearing them and I'm trying to load who else but Genevieve into the car at dusk on our way home. The glasses are hanging on the back of my shirt, off the collar. I'm loading her in the car and she starts grabbing at them ferociously - she has started to figure out that she likes to wear sunglasses too so this has only increased her desire to handle them. Not willing to lose this pair I place them on top of the car and finish strapping her in. It is only yesterday, a day later, as I am driving home from work (I drive to work before Mr. Sun wakes up so I don't need them in the morning) that I realize I never removed them from the roof of the car before I drove away. And this is why I stick with the "minorly faulty originals they can only sell outside of the US" merchandise. 6 pairs of sunglasses in 12 months. That's why we can't have nice things.

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