Tuesday, March 22, 2011

War of the Words: Update

It's been a few weeks since we checked in on our linguistic skills, so I thought it time for an update. Here's where we currently stand. ... or talk, rather:

Animal Noises
Ruff - for dog
Moo - for cow
Meow - for cat
Roar - for lions, tigers and bears (oh my)
Quack - for anything yellow and/or round


Most Over Used Word
Ball. ... they can see a "ball" in just about anything remotely round

Other Objects

Newest Word (and gaining ground on the Most Over Used Word)
Baby - Arianna is using "baby" for anything she can't think of the right word for.

My Favorite Word
Gala - no, not a formal dinner and dance event. This is the Greek word for milk and, if your my daughters, it's pronounced like an Arabic tribal war cry "galagalagalagalagalagala".

Bilingual Words (these are words they understand, but can't speak yet, in both English and Greek. ... keep in my Daddy can't spell Greek words worth a crap so this is my best attempt based on pronunciation)
Milk - Gala
Cat - Gata
Dog - Skilikia
Chicken - Kota
Car - Auftokinito
Spoon - Kutali
"Come" - Ella
"No" - Oghi
(they hear this one a lot these days)
Nose - Miti
Eyes - Mati
Hair - Maliki
Ear - Auti

OK. ... I'll be honest. ... these are actually the words that Daddy knows in Greek. There's a whole lot of conversation in our house that I'm out of the loop on because I can't keep up with their aptitude for language learning. There's even some times where Gina's Yiayia will rattle off a full fledge paragraph in Greek and Gina and I are left looking at each other confused (if she's confused, imagine what I am) but the girls tottle off and do exactly what she asked them too. So there you have it. My girls are officially smarter than I am. Of course they don't know how to read or gain access to the computer yet (specifically this blog) so they aren't aware of this fact. I'm going to try and retain power as long as possible, but it's only a matter of time until they flex their more powerful minds and crush me like the incompetent bug that I am. But for now, I'm still the one who buys the gala, drives the auftokinito and pays for the. ... the. ... ummm. ... the. ... top of the house, part, that keeps the rain from coming in. So yea. Recognize!

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  1. This is the Greek word for milk and, if your my daughters, it's pronounced like an Arabic tribal war cry "galagalagalagalagalagala".

    This made me laugh so hard I snorted my coffee because as I was reading "Arabic tribal war cry" in my head (I'm at work, shh) I screamed it just like that.

    I wish I was fluent in another language. Right now, my girls just know some basic Spanish courtesy of Dora. Funny though, the other evening, after bath when I was getting S out of the tub, D was looking in the mirror opening and closing her hands saying "Abre, Cerado, Abre, Cerado". At 2.75 it was REALLY cute!