Friday, March 25, 2011

The Bionic Dog Returns

OK, so she's hardly "bionic", it just sounded better then "gimp". Karma came home this morning and, while she's very happy to be home, she's definitely feeling down about the whole situation. Not only is she confined to a small little area around her bed (she never thought that baby gate was going to be use on her) but she has to be carried around everywhere. ... even to go to the bathroom. Always fun with a 55lb animal. Thank god we don't have a horse with an ACL. Doctor says it'll take about 12 weeks to heal (not heel, Karma; take it easy) so in the mean time she's got some pills, we have to do 30 leg stretches 3 times a day, and ice it down afterward. Worse part is. ... she has to wear the cone of shame when no one is around. As we say in Italian (one of the many languages floating around this house) "que trajico"! As I was feeding the girls tonight I'd have to pick up the dropped pieces and walk them over to her cause she was whining about not being able to do her job. Then the girls wanted to pet her and kiss her owie but I couldn't let them in because, well, let's face it. ... they're pretty oafy. And she was sad because she really wanted them to come in and play with her. Everyone had to settle for licked fingers through the gate - at least for today.

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