Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Painfully Obvious

Our vocabulary is increasing every day. Either they're speaking more English or, like the learning of any foreign language, I'm just understanding more gibberish. However you look at it, we're communicating. Yesterday's word of choice was "owie", and it was very appropriate. Gina had gone to the doctors to have a couple of moles removed (nothing serious, just something she gets from time to time) and came out with several bandages. When everyone got home Genevieve spent the night pointing out momma's toe to me and exclaiming "ooooowwwwiiieee. Mommaaaooooowwwiiiee." She'd then point to her toe to see if she had an owie, and then compare it to Gina's. Karma also had an owie yesterday, tweaking something in her hip when she jumped out of the back of the car. I had to carry her in to the house, and to bed later in the night when she couldn't get to a standing position, which makes for a pathetic looking 55lb dog. On her way to bed Genevieve came up behind Karma and wrapped her arms around the dog, laid her head on her back and muttered one final "owie" for the evening. It was a very sweet display of compassion and understanding on Genevieve's part. Every one's off to the vets today to check it out. My gut thinks she's getting arthritis by the way she's been walking the last few weeks, but it may just be a sprain. Whatever it is I hope it's not too expensive. Thankfully Tuesday's is "half price" day at our vet. ... good timing Karma. After that it's off to check out preschools - it's ridiculous that at 17 months old we're already on the preschool hunt. Funny side note, as we were discussing which options were out there we discovered that Gina and I had gone to the same small preschool at the same time when we were growing up. All these years we were living with in the same little bubble (knew the same people, had the same pediatrician) yet didn't officially meet until college. Last night I suggested we may have even played "house" in preschool - to which Gina responded that she didn't play house. ... she played doctor. I'm working on compiling a patient list right now, cause I'm fairly certain I wasn't on it. I distinctly remember perpetually being the family dog in the house game. Except that one time I was a tree. The "mom" was allergic to dogs. Or little boys with glasses, something like that. Little fuzzy on the details. Anyway, we'll see how things go. Hopefully "owie", "pooh-cakka" and "quack-quack" are enough to get us in. I do hope there's an entrance interview, as it's going to make for an interesting conversation. "Genevieve, how do you feel about the current, global economic state?" "Owie". "Brilliant!"


  1. Love this post. I can't wait until our girls start communicating. Hope the dog is ok!

    Have really enjoyed reading your blog. Even have my husband reading it now!

  2. Very good post. I just wanted to come on to voice how much I love reading your stuff. My wife beat me to it. I'm glad she recommended it.

    I can only imagine how cute it is when your kids start talking. I can't for our girls to start talking.

  3. That was a very sweet gesture by your daughter! I hope your dog is alright!