Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hoping Karma Comes Back to Bite Us

Or at least give us some sloppy kisses! Gina took her to the "discount" vet which is run by a nearby shelter. She actually preferred it to the VCA. She said it was cleaner, bigger and the staff was much more friendly. It also helps that they're going to do the procedure for about $2000 less than we were quoted by VCA. So they sedated her yesterday to do a physical exam of the knee - we had the x-rays from VCA they were able to use, but they wanted to make sure the did an actual exam themselves before they cut her open. ... that's nice of them. She's schedule to go under on Thursday, but they're keeping her till then (last night and tonight) to get the pain patches applied. They wanted us to bring her back today for it, but because Gina teaches and I've got the girls right after work, driving 30 minutes down to Huntington Beach was a tall order. They offered to keep her and not charge us the boarding fee so that was awesome. Of course after the girls went down last night we couldn't help but note how empty the void in the house felt. No one to lick our emptied ice cream bowls. No one to wait patiently by the back to door to go out for one last pee. No one to snort disgustingly in her sleep. And no one to blame "it" on. ... you know what I'm talking about. The worst part is I know how sad she must be by herself in the kennel, thinking we abandoned her. She's got some serious separation problems as a result of being a rescue dog, so this has got to be really rough on her. I know someone who's going to be happy to see us come Friday, though. Of course then the recovery period begins. So we'll have to wait about 12 weeks to celebrate. In the meantime we'll just wait for Karma to come back our way and then do everything we can to get her back on her feet. ... literally.

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  1. w poor Karma :( sending happy thoughts and sloppy kisses from SF!