Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Preview of Coming Attractions

We went to the doctor's yesterday to check in on Bean and make sure all is well, which it was.  The girls came along again because we found that if you have two strung out toddlers with you in the lobby you miraculously get a room much quicker then when it's just two complacent adults reading arduous magazine articles with legs patiently crossed.  We barely had any time to even get a small fire started before they called our names.  After the doc did her thing and asked if we had questions (Ha!  We're pros at this by now. ... only question would be if she had the winning lotto numbers) she told us that there was another couple in the lobby who's expecting twins and they had mentioned to her that they saw us.  This makes me laugh.  First, I know they didn't just "mention" us. ... like "you know doc, we saw a lovely young family in the lobby, it was delightful".  I have a feeling it was more like "doc. ... are they always that crazy?!" or "is there a return policy on these things?!"  I kid, I kid.  Our girls are awesome and I'm sure that anyone who encounters them (that likes children - this doesn't apply to those people who just hate kids) feels the same way.  But it must be interesting to see us, knowing that this is their future.  When Gina was pregnant I don't recall coming across any other parents of multiples leading up to the birth.  Afterwards, however, it seemed they were everywhere (kind of like after you buy a new car you see that same make and model at every stop light).  I wonder if we gave them hope or a chill of terror.  Hopefully it's hope. ... because they're in for terror. ... at least the first few weeks and months.  It'd be nice to know that they have a light at the end of that tunnel saying "it'll all be ok. ... eventually."  Afterwards we grabbed some coffee (decaf for Gina) and let the girls enjoy the lollipop's from the doctor's stash and run around a bit.  There were about half a dozen teenagers from the nearby high school doing homework on the patio (what happened to doing home work at home, by the way?) and this one blond girl kept popping up to stare at the girls.  She wasn't annoyed, at least she didn't appear to be, just kind of entranced.  The girls kept drinking Gina's coffee (again, it was decaf) and appearing to get more and more worked up and I though "now this is effective birth control".  I guarantee, should this girl ever decide to act on emotion with someone she loves, she's going to have flash backs to this scene and carefully consider her choices.  They should pay us to go to high schools and do nothing but play on stage while the school watches.  We'll call it a preview of coming attractions and we'll have the movie preview guy do a voice over.  "In a world where everything is covered in sticky slime, you've got two choices to make: do you wipe it up now, or press your luck. ... and wipe it up. ... later?"  Dun, dun, duuuuuuuunnnnnn.

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