Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flush with Pride: Potty Training Day 3

You know the old express "turning a corner"?  Well yesterday my girls banked the corner like Mario Andretti in a Formula One car and took off in a whole new, wonderful direction.  Days 1 and 2 are a distant memory in our rear view mirror.  Not only did they have multiple successes on the potty, but we even did number 2. ... a very large number 2, all on our own accord.  So what was the secret?  Well, Gina was tired of cleaning up pee - which is surprising because who doesn't fantasize about cleaning up urine for 2 days straight - so she made Day 3 an outdoor naked day.  First of all, for all the out of state/country readers, California is a very expensive place to live.  We pay an arm and a leg for tiny little houses, crammed together and we give the other appendages for gas so we can sit on a freeway for 3 hours a day.  But this is what makes it worth while.  It's late October and my girls can run around outside with out bottoms on all day and still be quite comfortable.  That's why this is paradise.  OK, Hawaii is paradise. ... but we're like Paradise's cousin who got most of her looks from Paradise's dad's side of the family. ... which was unfortunate.  Anyway, being with out the underwear gave the girls just enough extra time to make it to the potty before the deluge came.  That extra couple of seconds that would have been spent disrobing was just enough for multiple success - and success encourages further success.  After I got home we put on our big girl underwear on to see if they could make that work.  And they did.  We even got a side by side where Genevieve ran to the potty and started peeing and Arianna decided a minute later that she needed to poop and sat down next to her.  Both were successful and I swear you've never seen such a jubilant "pee-pee dance" in all of your life.  After Gina left to teach we had one accident each - Arianna was playing on the slide and just couldn't make it fast enough, and Genevieve was in the kitchen with her Nouna when she starts yelling "tissa" (pee in Greek) and comes barrelling across the house. ... she missed it by thaaaatt much.  But they made up for it later when we went to take baths.  Will undressing Arianna said she needed to go so she sat on the big girl potty and went.  A few minutes later Genevieve said "me too" and she went as well.  That's huge.  The parents who've potty trained know how huge this day was.  Those who haven't will understand soon.  And those readers who are childless are probably contemplating a life of celibacy at this point.

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