Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Tough Kopp

I'm a sissy. ... seriously.   I'm a 6'3", 220lb, weight lifting sissy.  I hyperventilate at the mere thought of a needle.  I sweat in the lobby of a doctors office.  I don't even make look at my dentists office as I drive by.  If I broke a bone I'd probably just try and ignore it out of fear of the hospital.  Gina makes fun of me all the time, but she's right. ... I am sissy la-la to the extreme.  That being said, my daughter is already tougher then me.  Last night Arianna was running toward the bath tub and suddenly stopped and yelled "owie!"  I picked her up and saw a large splinter in her big toe.  We were already naked and Genevieve was waiting in the tub so we got through bath and I took her down stairs to see about getting this thing out.  Now my eyes are about as bad as they can get, so I had my mother in law try and get it out while I held her.  The whole time Arianna just sat there in my arms, telling me about her stuffed bunny and the giant carrot he was holding.  She could care less that Yiayia was poking a safty pin in to her toe to try and remove the splinter and pinching at the skin with tweezers -  it turns out the thing was really deep in there.  We even switched places and I gave it a go while my mother in law held her.  Not one cry, not one scream, not even a mild complaint.  She just sat there through the whole thing like it was no big deal.  There are certain things I'm proud the girls inherited from  me. ... this is one of the many things I'm proud they inherited from their mother.  In a house of all girls, it appears I remain the lone sissy.

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  1. I felt a similar thing when after all of us got stung by yellow-jackets the girls were over it in 5 minutes while we wanted to whine, complain about the pain for a much longer period of time.

    It is impressive just how resilient toddlers are when it comes to falls.