Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Forever One's Baby

I had a typical, silly blog planned for today.  Something that would be uplifting, albeit minutia in the scheme of life.  And then, around 12:30 last night my phone rang.  Gina's cousin had passed away.  He was 29, same as me.  Death has a funny way of hiding from you.  It happens, we're all struck with the gravity of it, and then it quietly slips out the back door and we forget about it for a while.  When it comes back it seems like it came out of no where and we can't comprehend how this has happened, even though we've seen it happen multiple times in the past.  What kept me up for pretty much the rest of the night was not his actual loss, but that of his families.  His sisters.  His parents.  Having my own kids now. ... parents should never have to bury their young.  That's one of the cruelest things life can do to you.  If my wife died, I'd find a way to limp along until it was my turn.  If my children died. .... I can't conceive of the ability to bounce back from that.  My wife would break my heart, my children would shatter my soul.  And now, as these parents move towards burying their son, my heart weeps for them.  My heart weeps for them in a way that only a parent could.  For your baby is your baby, be it 2 years old or 62 years old.  And yesterday, they lost one of their babies.

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