Tuesday, January 18, 2011

War of the Words, Part I

So it looks like we called it. Back when they were little blobs we both had the feeling that Arianna would be the first to master mobility, but Genevieve would be the first to master language (Arianna being the restless one and Genevieve constantly making noises). Come home to find out that Genevieve has added two more words to her vocabulary: ball and gala (the Greek word for milk). So she now has an extensive dictionary of words. ... all 6 of them; quack, caltza (Greek for sock), dadda, momma and now ball and gala. Granted two are in Greek and the mommma and dadda are just assumed because she tends to say "mommammammaa" and "daddaddada", but we know they're meant for us. Arianna's got the momma's and the dadda's down too, but the rest of the words aren't flowing like Genevieve - although she knows what they are if you say them to her. It's pretty good that the girls aren't showing any signs of being slowed up by the dual languages either. Although Genevieve says gala and caltza, she still knows them as milk and sock as well. Same goes for eyes, nose, dog, cat and chicken (mati, miti, skilo, gata and cota). I think they know even more too, because Gina uses a lot more Greek than that and her Grandma pretty much only uses Greek with the girls. ... those are just the words that I'm multilingual in. ... I'm a slow learner. So I suppose that means if there's a party in last place in this little war of the words it'd be me. Stupid Dad. ... only operating in one language. What a malaka! See, I know swear words too!

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