Tuesday, January 4, 2011

At Ease Soldier


I can't tell you where this came from but I can tell you it started while we were in Arizona over the holidays. Ever since then Geneveive has taken to walking around with her arms behind her back, similar to a soldier at ease. It's kind of odd only because it started in Arizona when we were staying with Gina's dad who was a Marine fighter pilot - so I don't know if she saw him doing it and copied or if it was just transferred through osmosis. ... no clue. But it's pretty much all the time now. I've already had the conversation with her that she can't enlist until after college; want to make sure she's an officer if that's the path she chooses. The good thing about this is it's reduced her hitting people. You might say it's because she has her hands tied behind her back. ... (sigh) this kind of stuff goes on in my head all day long. Pity me.

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