Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This Bites!

I don't know if we've just accumulated more teeth or if we're getting over confident in using them, but it seems we can't eat a meal these days with out someone biting their lip, finger or neighbor. At dinner last night Arianna did it twice and Genevieve did it once, they both did it at lunch earlier in the day and then during bath time Genevieve bit Arianna's finger (granted Arianna put it in her mouth and kind of asked to be bit). I don't know what the deal is. Most of the biting of other people has been quelled - we've gotten it to the point where 9 times out of 10 they'll go for the bite, realized their going to get in trouble, and turn it into a sloppy open mouthed kiss (eyes of course glued on Gina or I to make sure we see that this is not a bite, but a kiss). We try to make teeth very important in our house and have instilled teeth brushing regiments twice a day for the last several months (the girls actually want to brush more often and for longer, which can only be a good thing), but what good is a shiny tooth if you don't know how to use it - that's how tools become weapons (same way it worked in the evolution of man: monkey used and object as a tool and became human; human used tool as a weapon and became a jerk). So that's where we are at right now; every meal is a little tense waiting for someone to take a bite out of themselves. ... it's a learning curve I suppose. On another note we met a Grainger yesterday. My parents got a new dog (I didn't go in to this at the time but their 80lb Samoyed Dakota died on the morning of Christmas Eve while we were in Arizona after getting a hold of some dark chocolate - vet said he'd never seen a dog that size actually go down from chocolate but the dark form has a chemical called theobromine and that is toxic to dogs). So we met Grainger the 3 month old Great Pyrenees, who is already the size of fat dog, and of whom fat dog is somewhat warry - she doesn't really like puppies and and especially doesn't like new puppies. He was very sweet, though, and I think he'll be good fit in that house - plus he's super fluffy so the girls were having a hay day snuggling against him. Very nice disposition for a puppy, just pretty mellow and sweet - not unlike Dakota was. Also have one final story from yesterday for you (had they day off work, we were busy, sue me): went to tuck the girls in last night and after covering Arianna I went to turn the night light off while Gina covered Genevieve. As I pushed it down to turn it off, it made this click sound at just the right frequency so Arianna jumped awake. Gina hit the floor and pretended to be a rock at the base of Arianna's crib, I dove behind Genevieve's crib but mid flight realized I wasn't going to fit all the way. So I was on my hands and knees, head tucked and butt fully exposed to the center of the room. I suddenly felt a draft and realized my pajama bottoms (superman of course) had slipped a bit. So basically my daughter stood in her crib and cried as her father mooned her from across the room. Something tells me that comes up in a therapy session around age 19.

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