Sunday, January 2, 2011

Monkeys go bed hopping

It's finally time. Finally time to acknowledge the fact that a queen bed is too small for my 6'3" self, let alone with Gina in it. We've made it work for 6 years now but that's only because my feet hang off and I tuck a sheet under me and allow myself to hang off the edge like a hammock. This might be part of our dogs paranoia problem since she sleeps on the floor next to me and has to worry all night if tonight is the one I come crashing down on top of her. But with the girls getting bigger and bigger and the obvious fact that they'll soon find their ways under our covers in the near future it's time to graduate to a king. So, with nothing else to do on a rainy So Cal day we went test driving, or, test sleeping I guess. Our plan is to buy it online after I've completed a full make over on our room (Gina's never forgiven me for the "Tuscan Sunset" color I painted when we moved in that turned out more of a "Macaroni and Cheese Dinner" shade of orange), but we still want to make sure we physically try some out before we blindly purchase and then find we hate it. It's been a long time since I've done this and it has. .... um. ... changed a bit. Now you lay down on a machine that looks like a bed (the most uncomfortable mattress in the store) and it decides what bed is right for you; kind of like that crazy hat in the Harry Potter movies. I was blue (obviously the cool one) and Gina was yellow. I'm not really sure what it means other than we probably should get a bed that's green since that's a mix of both. So we tried out several beds that matched our reading and the girls ran around like banshees - kind of nice because everything in the store is soft so there was no harm that could be done. Then we all climbed on to the few that we liked and tried reality out for a moment. I now have a suspicion that it doesn't matter how big a bed we get, it's going to get tight. ... and they're still going to jump on it.

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