Thursday, January 6, 2011

Couch Potato

Yet another reminder that literally overnight my little girls are becoming all grown up. We finished up dinner last night, after Gina left to teach, and we were playing in the living room. The girls were getting in to one of those "we need a change of scenery" moods so I left to draw the bath. As usual Arianna was right on my heels overly eager to put the bath toys in the water (I made it a game, just before they get in the tub, to throw each toy in to the water one by one and make it splash, they love that game). Genevieve didn't follow shortly after as she usually does so I popped my head out to check on her. There she was, in the living room, sitting on the couch all by herself. I didn't put her up there. There was nothing near by that she could have climbed up, so it's obvious she got up there on her own - and she looked pretty natural so I figured I would allow her the opportunity to get down on her own too. She's kind of oafy so I had a knot in my gut that she was going to stage dive off or end up in a double back flip with a side kick McTwist, but I was hoping she would just call for my assistance when she needed it. Nope. About 20 seconds later she comes tottering around the corner and into the bathroom to join us. My little girls are so big. They can get up on the couch and down from it all with out my help. What good am I now? This is one of only three things I really provided: support for getting on top of things. Now all I've got to offer are food and shelter, and I'm pretty sure those are at the bottom of their importance charts; just above a new diaper and bed time. They tell you it goes fast, but I was thinking Ferrari/Lamborghini fast. ... this is like space shuttle re-entry to earth fast. The kind that pushes the loose skin on your face back against the wall behind you and gives you a 5 day 'fro. And just so you know, for those followers who don't know me personally and are thinking "this guy blogs far too often" let me tell you, I could blog a lot more. That's how quickly my world is spinning with these two in it. And for those followers who do know me personally, you're welcome; you know how I can be when it comes to words and over using them. The only way to shut me up is to walk away. Hey! Where are you going?!

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