Thursday, January 20, 2011

Movin' on up!

It's upgrade time! Finally, we get a new bed today that I can actually fit in! In fact, this one is big enough that we can aaaalllll fit in it - which was kind of the idea. The girls' doctor originally told us that because of the girls' sizes he thought they should move in to toddler beds around 15 months. ... um. ... yeah. Is he going to come over and help with that transition? There is no way that those girls are going to stay in bed once they've figured out they can get out. We're not talking about domestic animals here, we're talking about kids; much more difficult to train. As soon as we lay them down they'll be on the floor and out the door in 1.5 seconds flat. So, while we delay this advice from the doctor in hopes of bed time maturity starting to set in a little more, we're at least getting the bigger bed so when they do come bounding out of theirs and in to ours, there's plenty of room for everybody. If I don't fit in a queen size bed, imagine how well I fit on the couch.

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