Monday, January 10, 2011

Sun and Fun with an 80% Chance of Remorse

First of all, despite the solemn tone of the last post, we hit the 200 blog mark yesterday. Thank you to all of you readers who have stuck around so long. I would write this blog regardless but it's nice to know there are so many of you out there that enjoy following along with us. And now to the post. Tomorrow night Gina and I are off to a warmer climate (which is tough when you live in Southern California). Gina's best friend (and the maid of honor at our own wedding) is tying the knot in Cancun, Mexico and, unfortunately, it's not a kid friendly resort (not that there's a chance in hell I'd cart my 1 year olds to Mexico at this point in history). So the grandma's are splitting up the week and will get to enjoy some alone time with the girls. This is the first time we've both been away at the same time (and the first time I've been away overnight) so there is bound to be a lot of anxiety and remorse on our end. I've already loaded Skype on all the computers and have the addresses programed in to my iPad (and I checked with the hotel on the WiFi situation) so we can at least call in and see their smiling faces from time to time, but I already know it's going to be murder. Think about that. An all inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico (mid 80's in January) and I'm describing it as murder. ... only a parent. The worst part is there is nothing for me to really worry about. We're talking about two overly qualified mothers, raising a combined 7 children among them; I think they can handle a couple of 15 month olds for 5 days. I feel kind of like the rookie quarterback who gets injured and asks the 15 year veteran with 9 pro-bowls and a Superbowl MVP under his belt if he can handle running the team in my absence. ... for non-sports people that equals "ridiculous". Non the less, after we tuck them in tomorrow night and head to the airport to catch our red-eye, there's going to be a rock in my stomach and it'll have nothing to do with flying (or drinking the water in Mexico). ... it'll be child-sickness. The feeling only a parent can get from not being within arm reach of their child. I get it every day when I leave in the morning for work. Only this time I'm not a 30 minute drive away. ... I'm 6 hour flight and 3 time zones. ... I need a margarita just thinking about it. But I will soldier on. I will do my best to enjoy 5 days in paradise; sleeping in, drinking and eating with out policing someone elses meal or avoiding the splash zone around a high chair that I had to search the far reaches of Middle Earth for, not tip-toeing around after 7pm, using swear words with out worrying about little ears hearing, lying still with out being used as a trampoline, and holding my wife's hand for more than 30 seconds with out having to catch a falling breakable or restrain an eager toddler from running in to a "restricted zone". ... on second thought. ... when's that flight?

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