Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Open mouth, no tongue

Hugs are great, but nothing conveys the sincerity of affection quite like a kiss. The girls have been giving the worlds best hugs for quite a while now, but they've only recently begun to figure out the kissing thing. They blow kisses, they give open mouth slobbery kisses to me and Gina, they kiss the dog and cat, they even kiss each other - although almost half of those magically turn in to bites halfway through the kiss. Now (and apparently this started while Gina and I were in Cancun 2 weeks ago) Genevieve has taken to kissing our pictures. Last night she wandered around the house with a picture of Gina and me from ages ago, repeatedly kissing our image. It was so sweet. She'd kiss my picture, then she'd kiss Gina's. She'd walk a bit and then kiss the picture again taking the time to kiss each of us individually. According to my mother-in-law, while we were away she would be fine until she'd come across a picture of us in someone's house. Then she'd grab the picture, kiss it, put it back and be on her way again. I'm just now witnessing it for myself. This is why people keep having kids. No matter how rough the times may get, a moment like this just melts you all over again.

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