Saturday, January 29, 2011

Date Night

For future reference, when it comes to birthdays and holidays, getting movie passes and restaurant gift cards for parents with twin toddlers is cruel. 3 years ago, awesome! Those would have been spent in the days following Christmas. Now there's just a pile on our dinning room table that we've been using as coasters. Well, last night my lovely sister-in-laws agreed to come over and let us use a couple of those coasters (here come the water mark rings now). We set them up with a couple movies, some pizzas and got the girls all but laid down in their cribs then we went out for a night on the town. It's so bad these days that we didn't even know what was out there to see because we only think of new movies arriving on DVD form. ... we'd pretty much forgotten that they play in a theater first. Thankfully there's a gigantic line that you have to stand in that gives you plenty of time to deliberate. The one movie we both agreed would be good to see was Tangled. ... which wasn't playing there. They had the Green Hornet on 5 of the 26 screens though, so that's good. We ended up deciding on 127 hours. ... feel good hit of the winter, I'm told. We then strolled over to El Torito for a couple margaritas and maybe an enchilada or two. Again, we're out of practice with Friday nights on the town so "reservation" never crossed our mind for a chain Mexican restaurant. We ended up sitting at the bar, which worked perfectly because we caught the tail end of happy hour (remember those?) and had margaritas, two wines, 5 tacos and giant plate of nachos for a whopping 28 dollars. ... I think the movie is more expensive. Speaking of the movie, lessons learned: call your mom, take a buddy and never trust a rock. My god was that a horrible thing. As we left I noted to Gina that it was an amazing story and a brilliant film but had it not been a true incident that I remember being in the news a few years back I'd have thought the writers took a lot of liberties with plausibility. Anyway, we got home to find the first movie repeating on the DVD main menu screen, two sisters passed out on the couches and one reading in our room. ... I thought high schoolers were supposed to have more energy. At least I know they're as exhausted as we are come Friday night, and that doesn't make me feel so old.

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