Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Silver Lining

It appears that fatherhood has begun to take it's toll on my youth. Last night Gina found the first grey hair on my head, and while many a wife would pluck or dye that silver strand she knows how much that badge of honor means to me. You see I'm actually excited at the prospect of grey hair (by the way is it gray or grey, always confused by this one). Since I was a child and I learned the basics of Gregor Mendel's gene chart I quickly learned that I was doomed to my grandfathers head of hair. ... which was completely empty. ... before he was 30. My goal since then has been to maintain some form of non-embarrassing covering until at least 30 and perhaps even see a few non brown hairs make their debut before I go the way of Bruce Willis and raze the entire lot to the ground. And so, with this one grey hair, I celebrate the hope that the rest of my hairs follow suit and change their color rather then their location. ... which seems to be my shoulders and lower back.

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