Thursday, October 21, 2010

The First Day of One

Ok, so it's official. No more sappy "my babies aren't babies any more"; they're one now, let's move on. I think it best to take stock of what we're dealing with. As mentioned in the past, when they were born there wasn't much to them - they cried, they ate, they slept and they pooped. ... pretty much a blank slate. So what are we working with now? Well, we're walking. ... really walking. I mean these girls know how to move, and they know how to do it quickly and agily. They've mastered walking with their arms full, holding on the another moving object (like a cats tail); even drinking while walking. So that box can be checked off. They've got teeth now, and I've got the bite marks to prove it. Last night Arianna used her new chipped tooth to take a chunk out of my stomach while we were horsing around. We're even learning about taking care of the teeth we've got left. Every night we brush our teeth before bed time, half of which the girls are allowed to do it themselves. They've got a sense of humor. Our house is always full of laughter. ... sometimes so much laughter that it turns to unexplainable crying. We're feeding ourselves. ... kind of. They're great with the hand to mouth, that's easy, so we're entering into the world of tableware. If you spear a piece of food on a fork the girls know how to get it their mouth. And they know "how" to spear it themselves, but they can't get the power behind the mechanics to make it work; but they know what they're supposed to be doing. So let's see, we've got walking, we've got laughing, we've got teeth and we've got feeding ourselves. So on the "to do" list we've got talking, running, potty training and complex algebra. We'll see what we can get done before 2 sneaks up on us. But even if we stopped now, eating, walking, laughing and teeth should be enough to get us in to Congress. ... or at least on to the Bell city council.

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