Friday, October 8, 2010

Families Stick Together

So I decided that you can tell a parent by looking their cell phone. Try it next time you meet someone new, before they've told you about their kids - which is tough because it's all we talk about,trust me; I had my haircut yesterday and every time the stylist (yes, I go to a stylist and not a barber, because that's how I roll) tied to change the subject I'd quickly find a route back to talking about my kids. Anyways, take a look at your new friends phone. If there are teeth marks, a sticky film and a cracked screen then you've got yourself a parent. Or someone with some unspeakable issues. Also, they probably have a refurb model because those teeth marks aren't the first, and slober takes a toll on electronics. Last night we went to our local sushi hang out and I pull out my phone this morning, it's still covered in sticky rice and drool thanks the Genevieve. I even washed it last night, but it's still there, like a concrete encasement that I need heavy machinery to remove. I also notice another funny little "scene" last night. We were surrounded by three other couples: a mid 20's "new" couple with out kids, a mid 50's "old" couple recently with out kids, and an early 40's "in the midst of it" couple with two kids. The one thing all three couples had in common? They were all staring at our table most of the time we were there. The new couple had fear in their eyes, the old couple had fondness and the middle couple had sympathy. Very few words were exchanged between us and them, but I could read their faces like a book. Especially the guy from the young couple. His eyes were glued on the girls and his mouth wide open with a "dear god, please don't put me in that picture" expression. The older couple asked us the girls ages and then moved to waves and smiles at the girls. The middle couple kept telling their kids how they were when they were that age. From an aerial view it would have made a very nice diagram in a high school health class showing the progression of a typical American family: see Joe and Deb date, see Joe and Deb stress, see Joe and Deb work, see Joe and Deb relax. I would have taken a photo of it to post here, but my camera lens was filled with sticky rice at the moment. In fact it's still filled with sticky rice.

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