Friday, October 29, 2010

Shameless Plugs

In the constant pursuit of elusive funds for impending college tuition's I'm going to use this Friday morning to make some plugs that might help increase the savings account. First of all, I've entered a short story in a "children's bedtime story" competition that comes with publication and a cash prize. To be honest with you I had originally written a really good story and then found that I was limited by the character/location images offered in the illustration program. As I said, my original one is really good and maybe someday I'll put that one out there, but the back up is alright. So if you get a chance, follow the link and vote for my story "The Knight and the Frog".

The next shameless plug is for the book I just self published based on this very blog. OK, so it basically IS just the blog divided in to months with original illustrations added in. But there is an intro, as well as the pre-birth blog and the first 3 months written out which you can't find online, so there are things in there you can't get for free. ... I'm not a very good salesman, I know. Anyway, if you have any interest in ordering a copy you can find it here "The First Year of the Rest of My Life: thoughts and ramblings from a first time father of twins".
That's it, I'm done with my pushy sales shtick.

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