Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chip of the old block

Well, it seems that Arianna may be starting to get some of my good looks. ... accidentally of course. Gina called me this afternoon to relay that our soon to be one year old is sporting a newly chipped tooth, which is kind of sad considering she's only had them a few months. When you first get that call, of course, you start envisioning a hockey player with a stub left dangling where her incisor once hung, but the more we talked the more it came to light that it is just a slight corner of the tooth and not some major break. Apparently Gina's mom is calling it a "coke bottle chip" referring to back in the day when kids would chip their teeth using them to open bottles. ... I guess the kids weren't that much brighter in the good ole' days than they are today. Anyway, the perplexing thing is how and when she did it. Gina has not seen her take a spill or cry about anything that would imply it happened today. And yesterday there wasn't anything either. The only thing I can think of is after they went down to bed last night and Gina had left, Arianna started crying pretty hard, enough so that I went in to check on her cause it seemed something was wrong. I, of course, checked to make sure she didn't have some appendage stuck in the crib and then picked her up to check for blood, it never occurred to me to check her teeth. Anyway, she calmed down quickly and went to sleep shortly after so I didn't think anything of it. I'm not too concerned, as it's just a baby tooth so it'll be gone in a couple years. And we weren't really planning on pushing her in to modeling or anything so that's good. Plus, we now have matching teeth - I got mine several years ago in a scuffle with some less than reputable characters, so I'm glad she found a different means of attaining hers. Now I'm wondering if that means when the Tooth Fairy comes for that tooth, does she only half to leave half of the payment? That sounds fair, doesn't it?!

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