Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Carry Bradshaw in Training

In a sign of how big the girls have gotten, Genevieve has now decided that she has an opinion on what she wears. And we're not talking the simple "I don't want to wear what I have on" and running around naked, but the "I found this and I would like to add this to my ensemble". Last night she was amusing herself by pulling cloths out of the suitcase still on the floor in their room from their weekend stay with Grandma. At one point she came a cross an orange onsie that she then starting toting around the room with her. I could see her getting frustrated, snapping the onsie around in a whip cracking fashion and then scooping her head down like she was trying to get the onsie on top of it. I told her to bring it over and she gave it to me, but when I took it she started whining and leaning in. I got the sense that she wanted it on so I popped her head through the neck hole and left it around her like a scarf. She looked down at it, adjusted it slightly and then strutted around the room like all was finally right with the world. She wore the orange onsie "scarf" for the rest of the night, totally happy with how she looked in it. And thus it begins. Life with girls is now getting girly.

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