Friday, October 1, 2010

Last of the Great Furlough Days

Today was it. The company is finally in the black again so starting next week our furlough day experiment will come to an end. I've got to admit that I found the half days on Fridays worth every penny of the 6% cut. And while it will be nice to have that money coming back in to our account. ... if asked I would gladly surrender it permanently to keep the extra hours with my sweet girls. Fortunately, we've made good use of these days. I know a lot of people I work with have just sat at home or caught up on yard work, but we've made it a point to get out as a family and spend time together. Today we made sure that we didn't waste the final one either. We had a nice lunch at Islands and then spent the afternoon playing in the "new" water playground at the Long Beach Towne Center. I say "new" because it's the first time we've seen it, but we're being told by those more in touch that it's been around for at least a year now, maybe more. But in our defense Gina and I have been to the movies only three times in the last 11 months, basically the only reason to go there, and we didn't go to the Towne Center for any of the 3. I know, 3 movie theater experiences sounds like a lot for parents of newborns, but considering the movie junkie I am that's quite an accomplishment. But, that aside, we got some cute shots of the girls today that I think will you'll enjoy just as much as we did.

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