Thursday, October 7, 2010

And the Title goes too. ...

Well, I'm going to call it. For weeks it's been a neck and neck battle to see who would claim the title of "first walker". But I've got to give it to somebody, so the front runner, the first born, the "little" sister, Arianna takes the crown. Both girls are walking very well, but Arianna is pretty much only walking at this point. It's a rare thing to see her crawl, while Genevieve is still about 50/50. Although, I do have to say that Genevieve is a much better climber. There is nothing that girl can not get on top off. The other day she pushed her little cozy coupe car against the couch, climbed in to the driver seat, then out the window Dukes of Hazard style on to the couch and up on to the back of it so she could see herself in the living room mirror. That's quite a skill on it's own and a nice consolation prize. Of course I'd just prefer her to stick to walking as it's a much less traumatic fall. We've actually decided to let them climb up on things because we know their inclined to do it anyway when we're not looking, and at least this way we can ensure they've learned how to get down. Anyway, I can't believe we're well in to October already. Gina and I are having flash backs to a year ago when we were doing weekly doctor's office trips and people were starting a pool on the birth date. I would actually get disappointed when the doctor didn't say "alright, let's just take them out now" because I was so anxious to meet them. It's amazing what has transpired in such a short time. To have watched these two make the journey from sparkle in our eyes to sea monkeys to blobs to infants to little midget people running around has been the most joyous experience imaginable. I think it must be hard for people who've achieved extraordinary greatness in their lives (astronauts, presidents, explorers, scientists) but who've also been parents to look back at their life and pick their crowning achievement. I think it'd be very hard to see any accomplishment as being greater than that of raising a human life. I know there is nothing I've done yet, and it's doubtful there's anything I will do, that I'm more proud of than than how I've spent the last 11 months and 17 days. At my funeral, my life can be summed up in two words: Arianna and Genevieve. Well, I guess if you can't "and" then that's three words. Technicalities.

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